Friday, April 5, 2013

The Legendary Pokemon Trainer Red from Pallet town, Red is the main Character in the pokemon games Green, Red , Blue and Yellow and the male gender choice in the games Leaf Green and Fire Red, he makes cameo appearances in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver as the final "boss" so to say as Red is extremely powerful, his anime counterpart is Ash but he is far from his level being the legendary trainer that every looks up too. Red is both a game character and a manga character, Red was born in Pallet town along with Yellow, Green( female) and Blue (male) and Red becoming the Champion of the 9th Pokemon League . His first pokemon in the manga was a poliwhirl that evolved into a poliwrath while he was fighting Lt.Surge but he is more famous for having a pikachu seeing how it is as iconic as the pokeball itself. Red has been in the RGB chapters the Yellow chapters, the GSC chapters and the FRLG Emerald Chapters. Red hasn't always won in his fight with the Elite four he lost to Bruno's into which Pika was the only one that didn't faint in his battle. Now in the game Red is a child with no dad or siblings and a friend who is named Blue depending on choice and game your starter is different but the in the game you are on a journey to find all the pokemon and complete the pokedex and also become the best to rival with your rival Blue. The games are a lot of fun and Red is a cool outgoing character never backs down from a challenge and always helps his friends and anyone in need.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Walrein the Ice Break Pokemon introduced in Gen III Hoenn, Walrein is a Dual Ice and Water type that gives 3 EV's in HP it is a 3rd stage pokemon it's pre-evolution are spheal 1st and Sealo 2nd. Walrein is a HP tank meaning his highest stat is HP being 424 and second being Special Attack and Walrein along with Dewgong are the only pokemon having triple resistance due there thick fat ability that suppresses ice and fire attacks. It has a four, rock, fighting, grass, electric. Walrein can learn two 1 hit KO moves Fissure and Sheer Cold and can learn powerful physical ice moves like Ice Fang and Ice Ball as well as Aqua Tail
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Honchkrow the evolved form of Murkrow via duskstone, it is a dark and flying type, I have a shiny Honchkrow with the dream world ability Moxie which raises it's attack power it's full EVed for attack with 383 and my move set for it is Sucker Punch, Brave Bird(egg only move), Fly, and Superpower, it has a dread plate as it's held item. This Pokemon has three weakness, Ice, Rock, and Electric type moves, It is immune to Psychic and Ground moves. It is Sinnoh pokemon but Murkrow was a Johto pokemon. It can learn some devastating flying moves like Sky Attack and Brave Bird and learn some nightmareish dark moves like Dark Pulse, Taunt, and Torment and Snarl.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello this blog if you can't tell is about Pokemon, I am a huge Pokemon fan. A little about me, my favorite Pokemon is Honchkrow, my first Pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow, my first Pokemon game I bought was Emerald, my favorite Legendary is Rayquaza, favorite region is Unova, my favorite criminal leader is N and my favorite starter is mudkip. So what my blog will be about is Pokemon, Types, moves, strategies, theories, regions, legendary's, and lot's more, hope you like my blog thanks and smell ya later.